About Us

Emdyne, Inc. is owned and operated by Coley Wood in Houston, Texas. Emdyne specializes in the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical instruments for laboratories, the oil and gas industry, and in the producing of prototypes for various inventions and technical products in various stages of development.

Coleman (Coley) Wood began private practice in the electronic design and assembly market in 1979 as Wood Electronics after a three- year employment by Exxon Production Research, Co. ,(EPR), Houston, Texas .  He resigned this employment to return to U. of Houston to finish his degree in electronic technology, then a four- year program. 

He was offered continuing duties as a contractor for the same firm after a short period of time and shortly thereafter formed his first company, Wood Electronics, which continued to work at assembly and design for EPR until the middle ‘80’s. 

The mid-80’s recession in Houston sharply curtailed work from EPR and resulted in a long diverse work experience in design and product development for a variety of customers in the intervening years.  Now doing business as Emdyne, Incorporated, Coley and his mother, Claudia, who managed the bookkeeping until her death in 2009, formed the corporation in 1986.  The name Emdyne is a twist on the phrase “electromechanical design”.

Many of Emdyne’s customers have been local entrepreneurs and inventors as well as artists and science oriented firms needing tools for research.  of the dozens of clients over the last thirty years, a noted few stand out as exceptional in their success.  One is the world leader in non-destructive testing of storage tank floor surfaces using advanced magnetic methods.  Emdyne and MFE enterprises, Inc. continue in assembly and collaboration after over 15 years of production.

Another entrepreneur and inventor, John Jackson, of Pinemont Group, Inc. has collaborated for 25 years with Emdyne in numerous efforts, primarily in the field of oil and gas resource detection methods from terrestrial and airborne survey perspectives.  Mr. Jackson and his company have originated numerous patents in these and other design arenas.   Several products are the result of these efforts, some of which continue to be produced.

One more design of note was developed for a customer who needed a device for capturing the image of a driver’s license for recording on a video recorder.  This image was part of a security effort for automobile rental agencies, casinos, bars and other businesses.  At last count, the number of systems produced by Emdyne was well over 1000.

Over these years, Mr. Wood has authored and co-authored several patents related to lamp designs and laboratory instrumentation.  The notable invention that remains in production today is the Precision Gasmeter for use in research and industry.  Emdyne continues to provide electronic and electro-mechanical solutions to customers needs now and into the future.